DARPA Phoenix

Project:    DARPA Phoenix

NovaWurks is leading the development of Satlet-based space solutions within the Phoenix project and soon to commercial markets.

NovaWurks’ role within the Phoenix project includes, Advanced GEO space robotics: a variety of robotics technologies to address key on-orbit mission needs, including assembly, repair, asset life extension, refueling, etc., in the harsh environment of geosynchronous orbit.

Satlets: New low-cost, modular, small, independent modules (roughly 15 pounds/7 kg) that incorporate essential satellite functionality (power supplies, movement controls, sensors, etc.) that can scale almost infinitely.

Payload Orbital Delivery (POD) system: a standardized mechanism designed to safely carry a wide variety of separable mass elements to orbit—including payloads, satlets and electronics—aboard commercial communications satellites.

Shifting the satellite assembly architecture paradigm.

DARPA Phoenix launch


Reducing the number, size, and cost of launches.

Phoenix project Activation


Restoring and reactivating satellites to service.

Project Phoenix Capture


Capture of in-orbit satellites for repair and reactivation.

DARPA Project Phoenix Assembly


Pre- or post-launch assembly of HISat-based systems.

Project Phoenix


On-orbit installation and repair of critical systems.

Phoenix DARPA project Deployment


Post-launch deployment of robotics-based repair systems.