The sky’s (not) the limit.

NovaWurks™ is a provider of high technology space products and services. Our team of scientists, engineers and designers invent, design and create a broad range of applications for space. We leverage our extensive and diverse background in spaceflight, consulting and research work with decades of experience in managing complex, visionary projects for colleges and universities, small and large aerospace firms, and businesses of all sizes to realize their dreams of space exploration and discovery.

What sets NovaWurks apart?


We engage in a highly integrated and creatively iterative process to design and prototype solutions. Our unique approach allows us to rapidly define and deliver exclusive solutions.


We attract and harness the best and brightest minds—subject experts who work as a team to envision and deliver solutions previously unrealized in any industry.


Our visionary mindset is not swagger. NovaWurks’ “TeamThink” ouside-the- box approach is what happens when every team member internalizes the attitude of “anything is possible.”


We are serious people who are duty bound to solve serious, life-changing problems. We are also uniquely human and have a strict policy of free ice-cream for all employees. Sprinkles optional.


We acknowledge a pioneering spirit that is the source of our creative inspiration. Whether you call it divine, cosmic, spiritual, or ‘The Force’. It’s at the core of who we are, and what we do.