NovaWurks “Firsts”

NovaWurks’ trailblazing research, development and delivery of HISat-based spacecraft has led to many firsts for the company and the space industry.

Here are some of the most significant:

  • First to pass environmental testing on 3 cellular spacecraft:
    •     *SIMPL – Satlet Initial-Mission Proofs and Lessons
    •     *PODSat1 – Payload Orbital Delivery Satellite
    •     *eXCITe – eXperiment for Cellular Integration Technology
  • First satellite to aggregate functions/performance of satlet hardware
  • First company to provide conformal spacecraft services
  • First satellite approved for assembly and connection of satlets on the ISS
  • First non-air based propulsion system allowed inside the ISS
  • First robotically connected satlets in ground testing
  • First satlets to fly on a cargo resupply mission
  • First cellular satellite approved for deployment from the ISS
  • First to build a deployable boom for satlet architecture
  • First satlet based satellite (PODSat1) to be qualified and approved as a hosted payload on a commercial GEO mission/satellite
  • First all orbit mass produced satlet
  • First satellite to change CG to accommodate a launch vehicle after CDR
  • First satellite to book a ride on Spaceflight’s SHERPA
  • First satellite to verify by ground testing that the assembled system provides vibration damping resulting in a soft ride for hosted payloads
  • First software definable satellite to create a truly resilient spacecraft
  • First satellite assembled and ground demonstrated in the Pentagon courtyard

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