NovaWurks Awarded DARPA SeeMe Contract

NovaWurks Awarded DARPA SeeMe Contract
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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. – NovaWurks™ Inc., announced today that it has been awarded a portion of the DAPRA Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements (SeeMe) project. Chosen from a broad field of aerospace bidders, NovaWurks will contribute significantly SeeMe’s goal of providing useful on-demand imagery information directly to the lowest echelon warfighter in the field from a very low cost satellite constellation launched on a schedule that conforms to DoD operational tempos.

Based on the unique, low cost and efficient HISat™ satlet platform, NovaWurks’ On-demand, Production-ready Theater Imaging Constellation (OPTIC) solution will provide on-demand information prior to, during, and after military engagements with persistent coverage and on-demand delivery, enhancing mission success probability and reducing personnel risk.

According to NovaWurks’ Chief Technologist Talbot Jaeger, “This configuration concept supports the notion of the satlet keeping overall system costs down by providing not just an interface, but a complete programmable ‘space ready’ payload support system.”

The NovaWurks technical approach focuses on not only developing a low-cost non-continuous production space system capable of delivery to worldwide locations within 90 days of receipt of order for launch on a low-cost re-locatable launch system such as ALASA, but also seek to provide a system that is configurable on the same timeframe. To achieve this low cost, flexible, quickly producible, rapidly deployable, and simple to operate system required for the SeeMe mission, NovaWurks will utilize COTS products to their fullest extent.

To kickstart SeeMe, NovaWurks’ technical approach includes leveraging the HISat satlet utility bay for multiple purposes; this built-in user definable space that can be environmentally controlled in both pressure and temperature also serves to operate mechanisms such as the launch adapter and deployables. Similar leveraging of the satlet local mesh network and Bluetooth interface allow for wireless operation of payloads and a pre-launch interface to the flight computers to support rapid integration to the launch system and allow simple orbital ephemeris loads from the ground or from the launch aircraft.

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